Saturday, January 28, 2012

[Head To Head] N9 vs Lumia 800 Pictures Shots (Blind Test) Part 2 !

Posted on 11:25 AM by SlipKoRnSaad

How good the lumia 800 output can be good? You can view it here in the first Face Off with the Nokia N9 !

Now Let's do another blind test (there'll be a third !) to see which one is looking good to your eyes !

This will about macro shots with flash (low light conditions) :

Remember : The distance was exactly the same (even mm precision almost)

Section A followed by Section B, which section is good to you?

As a reference ! The same shot with the N8 with normal Macro and super-macro :

So drop your comments and let me know !

4 Response to "[Head To Head] N9 vs Lumia 800 Pictures Shots (Blind Test) Part 2 !"

Anonymous Says....

A better in sharpness and flash-brightness

but N9 and L800 suppose to have same specs on camera module!

Jed Says....

They are almost exactly the same...
There is some very tiny hw/module advantages to N9 though.
Can't recall specifics, but this was explained to me by Damien.
But sw is the biggest reason why the N9's slightly better overall.
Sw improvements that are in the 900 will prolly come to the 800.
This will close the gap such that the differences between both are negligible.
Over time 800 may even get slightly better than the N9 sadly.
As Nokia seems to be committing more resources towards supporting/updating the Lumias.
N9 may be able to rely on F/OSS community to close any gaps in the future.

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